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Paint by Numbers, Vol. 1

by Bob Familiar

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Good to Go 04:27
Seppuku Wake 04:30
The Commuter 03:53
Wave Decay 05:46


Track Notes

Road to Merzouga – Multi-layered drone with the Minibrute 2S and TR-8 rhythm track that supports a modular patch improvising metallic sparkles and radio tones. Prophet Rev 2 and Subsequent-37 long horn tones can be heard in the creamy center.

Good to Go – What you say just before you drop into a Worm Hole. This is a live recording of a man/machine modular performance combining a Peak bass drum and hi-hat, a Tonestar timpani-like bass line and a patch that is using sample and hold signals to drive a 2HP TM/2HP Tune/STO Oscillator configuration that is passed through a Ripples filter modulated by a Batumi LFO’s. A Prophet Rev 2 takes a pad solo.

Seppuku Wake – Suicide has left a wake of sadness, confusion and a clarion call for understanding and outreach. This rondo is anchored by a TR-8 hi-hat and bass drum, Subsquent-37 bass line and pulsating Minibrute 2S and a Prophet Rev 2 string pad. Both lead melodies are performed on the Matrixbrute. The buzz-lead uses both filters on the Matrixbrute to create a formant, a human voice-like tone. For Frank.

The Commuter – The Prophet Rev 2 arpeggiating a cloud of electric piano pulses that support a Subsequent-37 John Hassel-styled ostinato simulating the numbed head-space of a train commuter. The Matrixbrute provides the always present hum of the tracks.

Medina Meltdown – Tonal metal and drum sounds sequenced on the Minibrute 2S along with a Matrixbrute bassline that doubles as a guiro are the backdrop for a 2HP Turing Machine/2HP Tune Quantizer driving a STO Oscillator machine-melody.

The Space Between – Modular system with Rings and Clouds that float between guitar string, metal and stick tones along with the Minibtute 2S for bass. An overdriven Tonestar voice provides a haunting melody.

Plateau de Fromage – A playful ‘muzac’ styled piece combining Wurlitzer organ-like pads and classic rhythm machines along with a 1-4-2-5 music theory homage to my early years at school. The Matrixbrute, Subsequent-37, Peak and TR-8 provide the backing tracks for a Minibrute 2S lead in the A section. The Susequebnt-37 provides the smooth-jazz clarinets in the B and C sections.

Wave Decay – Waves decay and get smaller the farther they travel. Matrixbrute in Paraphonic mode and a Prophet Rev 2 free form performance of smooth pads filled out using a Big Sky Reverb.


released June 22, 2018

Cover Photo by Bob Familiar

All songs composed, arranged, performed, mixed and mastered by Bob Familiar

All Rights Reserved (C) 2018 Sounds Familiar




Bob Familiar Boston

Bob Familiar is a composer of electronic synthwave, downtempo, ambient and contemporary orchestral compositions

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